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La Bodega Hosts Roaring 20s Great Gatsby-Themed Event

La Bodega Hosts Roaring 20s Great Gatsby-Themed Event

Jared Boggs


It was throwback Friday on Main Street last week as prohibition-style speakeasy La Bodega threw a Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby-themed party. The celebration was held in honor of La Bodega co-owner Jovanni Ugalde and required all in attendance to dress in period attire. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendance was limited.

From flapper-style clothing to suits and suspenders, attendees stayed true to 1920s form, giving the speakeasy an authentic vibe. It’s an atmosphere first set by La Bodega’s unique construction that includes an artificial storefront to match real 1920s speakeasies.

La Bodega’s unique design, Ugalde said, took a year and a half to create.

“I wanted to do something different and interesting for LaGrange,” said Ugalde, a Miami native turned LaGrange resident, who opened La Bodega with co-owner Felton Gaither. Friday’s event was held to celebrate Ugalde’s birthday and was themed to match the 1920s prohibition-style of the speakeasy.

But it’s not just La Bodega’s theme that sets it apart. Patrons of the speakeasy are sure to appreciate Ugalde and head bartender Jamie Harrison’s intense focus and attention to detail in every aspect of the business—from the building’s original design to its fresh drink selection.

“All craft cocktails are made from fresh herbs and vegetables cut daily,” Ugalde said, adding, “The simple syrups are handmade, and all juices are freshly squeezed.”

Setting the mood for Friday night’s celebration was The Quad, a fourmember band that played classic hits and favorites ranging from Adele to Prince. The band capped off the night with a live rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

La Bodega plans on holding additional events in the future, including a speed dating event this Thursday, as well as stand-up comedy in the near future.

Those wishing to stay up-to-date with La Bodega’s upcoming events are encouraged to follow their Facebook page at m/LaBodegaLaGrangeGa.

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