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LaGrange Fire Department to Stand Down and Spend 9/11 in Reflection

LaGrange Fire Department to Stand Down and Spend 9/11  in Reflection

The LaGrange Fire Department plans to honor 9/11 by standing down for all non-emergency activities and spending the day in reflection on the events of this day September 11, 2001.

The LaGrange Fire Department usually hosts a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Callaway Stadium but because of the COVID pandemic, it has been canceled this year. In place of the 9/11 Stair Climb, LFD Chief John Brant says the department will still honor the lives affected by 9/11 nineteen years ago today. “We feel it is important to make sure the sacrifices made on that day are not forgotten so today we stand down as a department for all nonemergency details to honor the lives that were lost.”

During the 9/11 Stair Climb, all participants run 110 stadium flights up and 110 stadium flights down at Callaway Stadium. There were 110 flights of stairs in the Twin Towers. During the event the radio traffic on 9/11 is played.

Chief Brant says it’s important to play the radio traffic throughout the stadium for everyone to get a better understanding of the day. “We have a very young fire department and a lot of our folks were very young when this happened and probably don’t understand the true impact of watching 343 of your firefighting brothers and sisters lose their lives trying to save others. So it is our responsibility to make sure they understand what truly happened on that day as they progress through their career. Today we stand together with all the fire departments across this nation reflecting and remembering.”

LFD plans to host its annual 9/11 Annual Memorial Stair Climb Challenge in 2021.

A group of off-duty LFD firefighters honored this day by climbing the Training Center Tower this morning. The rest of the day for the department will be spent in reflection.

To view the 2019 9/11 Annual Memorial Stair Climb Challenge, go to the City of LaGrange Facebook page at /watch/?v=385132615460 265& extid=nU3Y1YD5sx fdmTn9 The City of LaGrange will NEVER FORGET.


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