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My Honeymoon

Donald Boyd


Two weeks before I got married in 1972, I was fired from my truck driving job. I was about to be on my own with my sweet wife to be—without a job. This is not the way I wanted to start my life as a married man. My future wife was at our church in a white Bible ceremony, and I had to tell her that I had just been fired from my job, and I had very little money to pay for a honeymoon.

Someone told me that a man named Bobby Yarbrough at a business called State Securities Inc. had an opening for a collector. I had never been in a small loan company, and I had absolutely no experience, but Bobby needed a collector, and I needed a job. I applied for the job, and he decided to give me a shot. Once he hired me, I then had to ask him for a couple of days off so that I could take a short honeymoon. He agreed to that. Now all I needed was some money and a place to go that would not cost so much.

There was a small travel agency named AB&B Travel on the square. I went by there to see what kind of good deal I could get. They had, what I was told, a really special deal that would allow us to go to Disney World in Orlando for two nights and three days with tickets included. We could stay inside Disney World for only two hundred and fifty dollars. I did have a little money saved up but not enough. I now needed a way to come up with the rest of the money. I had a guitar, an amplifier, and a boom box that I was able to pawn for the amount needed.

Disney World opened in 1971, and they were still trying to get folks to go there for vacations. The hotel we would be spending our honeymoon in was called The Polynesian Village. I was terrified that it would be some small little dirty motel room. When we arrived, we parked our 1967 Camaro to sit in the hot Florida sun for three days. It still had the white shoe polish saying, “Just Married” on it. I was never able to remove all of it!

We were shuttled to our room, and boy was I surprised because everything looked new, and if you shut your eyes and then opened them again, you would have thought you were in Hawaii. We were able to ride the monorail back and forth to Disney World, and we did not have to wait in line for anything. We rode through the Small Small World ride at least 7 or 8 times. What great memories we have of that weekend, and it was all made possible by getting fired from one job, by Bobby Yarbrough taking a chance on me in another job, by AB&B travel, a little pawn shop, and by some answered prayers. I remain friends with Bobby today.

Always remember to keep God first in your life, then family and country. No matter what happens today, the sun will shine tomorrow.

God bless!


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