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Six New Nurses Hired in Troup County Schools

Six New Nurses Hired in Troup County Schools

All schools in Troup County now have a trained and certified full time nurse on staff thanks to the hiring of six new school nurses.

Christy King, TCSS Health Services Coordinator said, “A full time nurse eases the burden on school staff of having to assist students with acute and chronic illnesses while also doing their other duties. In addition, full time nurses in every building will also be able to help staff and students adhere to safety guidelines.”

Margaret Franklin is glad to join Hollis Hand Elementary because it feels like a great community. “Everyone knows each other and everyone is willing to help no matter if it’s a teacher, student or staff member. I try to do a lot of education with the students and staff because things are a little different with the parameters around Covid. I educate them on safety and wellness. I do lots of screenings, classroom visits, and just overall prevention methods to keep our students and staff safe and healthy,” Franklin stated.

 Teresa Ogles has been in healthcare since 2007. Before that, she taught middle school after graduating from LaGrange College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in education. Ogles worked at Florence Hand Home and in Gastroenterology for the local hospital. She now serves the students and employees at Hillcrest Elementary. Ogles said, “It is amazing to finally find a career as a school nurse which involves both my passions – teaching and nursing. I love my job.”

 Chastain Pitts feels great about being a school nurse and was looking forward to it because she has experience working with children. Pitts said, “Ethel W. Kight Elementary is a great school. Children have a variety of needs and I am going to provide them the best care. I have some experience in school nursing. The rules are different with the pandemic and I want to help keep kids safe.”

DeeDee Siggers is now working at Rosemont Elementary. Her background is in Internal Medicine, Wound Care, and Long Term Care. She has a pre-teen daughter and she really wanted to be more on her schedule so she could spend more time with her. Siggers said, “The past three years I’ve been more of a desk nurse without much interaction with patients. I’ve missed the patient care and the kids are so much fun. I had people tell me before I started the job that school nurses aren’t busy and that’s not true! It’s definitely harder than people think it is.”

Lacey Skaggs has been a nurse for nine years and is glad to join Callaway Elementary. She has worked in the crisis center for youth and adult. Recently, she was a NICU nurse with Wellstar West Georgia. “I look forward to providing excellent care to our community and building relationships with my students. I also want to teach my students about health and wellness,” Skaggs stated.

Sherrie Smith has a varied background because she has worked in banking, welding, and healthcare since 2013. She is serving the student population at Clearview and is looking forward to helping take care of the children. She also has a school-aged child and is glad she is able to spend time with family. Smith said, “I’m thrilled to be with TCSS and to be a school nurse, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m loving it.”

About Troup County School System

Troup County School System is an accredited educational system with over 12,100 students in grades K-12. TCSS does offer a free Pre-K program at each elementary school. The system is comprised of eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, one college and career academy, and one alternative learning center. Students within the school system are taught a rigorous and relevant curriculum that helps them make college and career choices beyond graduation and succeed in life. The system 2019 graduation rate is 86.6 percent. To learn more about Troup County School System, visit and the Troup County School System Facebook page.




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