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Trammell Honored at LaGrange Council Work Session

Trammell Honored at LaGrange Council Work Session

Tommy Murphy

Staff Writer

During the Tuesday morning LaGrange City Council work session, La-Grange Mayor Jim Thornton presented state Rep. Bob Trammell with the Georgia Municipal Association’s (GMA) Champion of Georgia’s Cities Award.

The award was given in recognition of Trammell’s advocacy for the principle of home rule.

Home rule is the idea that individual cities and counties should make their own decisions for what is best for their local community, rather than the state. The idea is one of the guiding principles of GMA, which lobbies behalf of Georgia cities and counties.

Thornton praised Trammell for his advocacy of home rule in the Georgia legislature, where he currently serves as minority leader.

“Home rule is frequently under attack by state legislators in Atlanta, who think they know what’s best for LaGrange, rather than the six city council members and the mayor,” said Thornton.

Thornton presented the award to Trammel as part of his role as GMA’s first vice president. The award normally would have been given at the association’s annual conference in Savanna, but this year’s event was cancelled due to coronavirus.

The council was joined via video chat by GMA Director of Government Relations Tom Gehl, who also praised Trammell for defending local choices rather than those made in Atlanta.

Trammell is currently running for reelection in November versus Republican challenger David Jenkins.

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