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Local Governments Urge Citizen Participation in 2020 Census

Jared Boggs


Time is running out to respond to the 2020 census, and low response rates could cost Troup County millions of dollars.

That’s the message from local governments as the September 30 deadline to complete the 2020 census approaches.

“TIME.IS.RUNNING.O UT.,” the City of Hogansville stated in a Facebook post this week before underscoring the importance of the census to the community. “The City of Hogansville could be out millions of dollars over the next 10 years if we don’t have accurate representation of our population.”

The following day, the City made another appeal to residents, suggesting that the community’s census response will impact everyday life.

“Do you have to drive to Newnan or LaGrange to get to a hospital?” The City asked on Facebook. “Do you leave Hogansville to shop at the grocery store? Could your neighborhood benefit from more job opportunities?

“By being counted in the 2020 Census, you will help inform businesses as it pertains to where they should invest.”

The City of West Point joined the cause, urging citizens to complete the 2020 census before the deadline.

“We ask that you remind friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to participate,” the City wrote in a Facebook post Thursday.

Those who have not filled out the 2020 Census may do so at or by phone at 844-330-2020. Residents may also complete the 2020 Census questionnaire and mail it in.

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