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School Board Recognizes Employees for Pandemic Work

School Board Recognizes Employees for Pandemic Work

Tommy Murphy
Staff Writer

During the October Troup County School Board Work Session, the board took the opportunity to recognize the hard working employees who helped keep the school system running during the initial pandemic. Transportation, custodial, and food service staff risked their lives to prepare and deliver food, and make sure schools were ready when it was safe to reopen. They often don’t receive the same front-line recognition as teachers, but they are the backbone of the school system and their hard work keeps schools running and our children safe and fed.

Due to coronavirus concerns, only a limited number of staff members were recognized throughout the school district and not every could attend.

The Driver Task Force Committee was the first staff group to be recognized. They served as the voice for bus drivers during this COVID-19 pandemic. The committee discussed PPE, supplies and safety measures, such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting all interior surfaces between routes, opening windows, seating, mask and face shields, to help make sure drivers were prepared during the pandemic

Chip Giles, Director of Transportation, and Driver Trainer Tony Bivens were recognized along with drivers: Roberta Calvert, Charles Coffman, Mary Jane Estes, Steve Estes,                Andrea Evans, Kimberly Holt, Stephanie Joachim, and Joe Sacco.

The board also recognized Technology Department staff members Josh Moneypenny, Neva Shiver, and Ginnie Walker, who were tasked with repairing and updating chrome books, updating software, and purchasing new technology and equipment that kept instruction moving forward in the pandemic.

Maintenance employees Tim Hester, Gina Larry, Mitch Nasworthy, and Director Ryan Traylor were recognized for their essential part in the re-opening of schools.

Maintenance employees worked all summer to make sure that school building repairs were completed. As most system employees worked from home, these workers completed at electrical, plumbing, and carpentry jobs throughout the system and never stopped.  Grounds crews also made sure that schools were well groomed and safe for the return of students.

Custodial Department employees Clyde Towns, Wilson Barrett, Jason Overton, Gary Smith, Shirley Swanson, Craig Freeman, Bernie Jackson, Lee Moss, Willie Stargill, Gary Smith,  Jason Overton, Renee Pye, Deyauna Thornton, Sonja Hightower, Donald Lovelace, Betty Clemons, Gerald Bankston, Kelly Calvert, Diana Vaughn,        Bobby Drews, Kerry Cofield, Raymond Seppala, Janice Johnson, Charlie Pruitt,  Don Gilbert, and Director Kenneth Flanders were recognized for working to make sure schools were cleaned and sanitized thoroughly prior to school re-opening.

The board also recognized nutrition managers from each school and Nutrition Director Diane Pain. The Nutrition Managers recognized include:  Shannon Poe, Tracey Burnett, Pam Combs, Tina Collier, Kathy Pattillo, Kathy Sewell, Dawn Choquette, Christine Gatlin, Catherine Jackson, Deborah McCann, Elizabeth Blouin, Sharon Stargill, Linda Hayes, Tasha Bree Evans, Craig Myers, Rhonda Patisaul, and Hazel Youngblood.

Nutrition staff continued serving meals throughout the summer through the summer feeding programs, along with preparing kitchens and lunchrooms for the re-opening of school. During the summer months, they served up to 30,000 meals.

Supervisory staff members from the Transportation Department were also additionally recognized including Director Chip Giles, Shannon Barnes, John Cook, Rebecca Corley, Steve Evans, Stephanie Joachim, Bobby McClellan, Leah Radcliffe, Sid Shelnutt, Richard Starr, and Sandra Williams

The transportation department didn’t stop during the pandemic shut down. They continued working and transported meals to students, cleaned and sanitized buses, and made sure that all the buses are properly maintained and ready for safety inspections, along with organizing routes, seating arrangements for social distancing, and training of staff and drivers.

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