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Trump on the Issues

President Trump hit on a range of issues facing the country, including trade, healthcare, and the bombshell Biden corruption scandal currently under Senate investigation. At his Macon rally, the President had this to say on the following:

Hunter Biden

“Unfortunately, it seems that [Hunter] left his laptop behind, and they have thousands and thousands [of potentially-incriminating files]. This is a guy who didn’t have a job, and now he’s taking in millions—and plenty of it goes to Joe Biden, too—don’t kid yourself … Yet this massive scandal is being covered up by the media and Big Tech.”

The President’s comments come on the heels of startling leaks from a laptop alleged to belong to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The laptop, currently in FBI custody, is said to contain evidence proving the Democratic presidential nominee used the office of Vice President to influence foreign policy in favor of the younger Biden, who made millions while serving on the board of Ukrainian energy-producer Burisma.

The President further called the unraveling the “biggest scandal” anywhere in the world, noting, “The Biden family is a criminal enterprise.”

Rioting in Democrat Cities

“Take a look at Minneapolis. The place was burning down. The National Guard goes in—thirty minutes, would you say…after watching this for a week-and-a-half. And we want to do it with Portland… we have the greatest law enforcement people in the world.”

The President also took aim at left-wing “cancel culture,” criticizing prominent Democrats for going after America’s heritage. Trump excoriated the opposition party as divisive, remarking that they want to “blow up” Mount Rushmore and topple both the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials.

“They want to attack even Lincoln,” Trump said incredulously, “He’s probably looking down and saying, ‘What did I do? I was on their side…!’”

Job Creation

“We had the most successful economy we’ve ever had. We never had an economy [like it]. African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, women, people with high school diplomas, people without high school diplomas, people from MIT—top of their class, geniuses, physicists, chemical engineers—everybody was doing better than they’ve ever done, and then we had the plague sent to us by China—we’re not going to forget that.

The President touted both former and current job gains, citing the unprecedented rise in median household income under his administration. According to the President, at $6,000, the figure was five times that of the entire Obama administration. Trump also noted the record 11.4 million jobs created since the start of the pandemic, celebrating the “V-shaped recovery” that Americans are currently witnessing, particularly in states such as Georgia that opened up early from COVID lockdowns.

In a further pitch, the President also noted that the third quarter would be stellar and that, if elected, the economy would have its best year in history in 2021.


“[Our farmers] just want a level playing field. That’s all they ever wanted. I raised $28 billion [from China] because they targeted our farmers.”

President Trump touted his administration’s tariffs on China and other countries, which the administration credits for creating a fairer international trade environment while supporting farmers and businesspeople at home. In making this address, the President honored former Georgia Governor and current Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, who gave his own passionate speech to Georgians before the President took the stage.


“We’ve topped over 400 miles of border wall. [We’re] building 10 miles a week—it will be finished very soon. It’s had an incredible impact. Our border has never been as good. We got rid of catch-and-release—all this stuff that everybody said would be impossible. And Mexico is paying for the wall.”

President Trump strengthened his pledge against illegal immigration by vowing to ban sanctuary cities during his second term, a move the administration believes can cut down on violent crime committed by illegal aliens in the United States.

Suburban Housing

“I got rid of a regulation that would have destroyed the value of your homes and made your homes very unsafe with low income housing built all over the place, right next to your houses. I terminated it … [Suburban women] want to be safe, and they want their American dream.”

The President also called into question the alleged lack of support from suburban women. Noting the number of women in attendance, Trump praised his administration’s efforts on protecting the suburbs from both low-income housing and violent criminals.


“They gave me something—Regeneron—and a day later, I felt like Superman … We’re going to do something very special. We’re going to get it for every person [who needs it]… It’s incredible the strides that we have made.”

President Trump spoke more personally about the coronavirus, describing his recovery and his administration’s efforts to provide accessible medical care for COVID patients. In discussing Regeneron, the newly-developed therapeutic the President credits for his speedy recovery, Trump stated that it will be available soon and totally “free of charge” for all who need it. Citing this and other efforts, the President noted that, “We have rounded the corner,” and that a return to normal life will be coming soon.

Mainstream Media

“This is the fake news—I’ve been saying it. I’m so proud of the fact that I’ve exposed these people for what they are.”

As expected, the President leveled criticism at the mainstream media—and Big Tech—throughout the night, noting differences between the way he and Democratic opponent Joe Biden are treated by the press.

“They ask him softballs,” President Trump said. The Commander-in-Chief further decried the performance of CNBC moderator Savannah Guthrie during Thursday night’s town hall event. “She was out of line,” he said. Nevertheless, the President touted the “high marks” he received for his performance during the event, which elicited cheers from a mixed crowd of Trump and Biden supporters on Thursday night.

“The beauty of it is,” President Trump noted, “Is that the people of our country get it. They are smart. They get it better than [the mainstream media].”

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