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Agriculture Center

Agriculture Center

Today I am very excited to share a new project that will soon be visible in Troup County.

For many years, our local UGA Extension/4H office has moved around to different locations. Recently, the county purchased approximately 48 acres on Industrial Drive and will soon begin construction on a new office for them.

The vision for this site is to develop a agricultural center that will include this new office, a greenhouse to be used by our Master Gardeners group, a produce shed for local farmers to sale their produce, a fairgrounds, and a open air multi-purpose bldg.

Please know that some of these items will come in different phases as financing is secured.

So why is an agricultural center important to our community? There is a renewed interest in people concerned about our food supply. We currently have 3 greenhouses producing local items and hopefully that number will grow. I feel our community could definitely benefit by having more agriculturaltourism venues in our county for especially our younger children. A strong 4H program can assist in developing these venues.

When I was at a commissioner training a couple years, I learned that Carroll County had the 8th largest agricultural economy in our state. Carroll County! While I know we will never be a Tift, Peach, Sumer County with huge peanuts/cotton/corn fields, we definitely have the opportunity to develop agricultural opportunities for our citizens.

Patrick Crews

District 1 Commission Chairman


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