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Ressa’s Unique Boutique Opens in LaGrange

Ressa’s Unique Boutique Opens in LaGrange

Ressa’s Unique Boutique opened in the former Davis Pharmacy building in downtown LaGrange on Friday. The boutique’s grand opening event boasted a lively crowd of excited shoppers who wasted no time in exploring the trendy fashion options Ressa’s has become known for. Based in Roanoke, Ressa’s marked the opening of its second location with Friday’s ribbon cutting in LaGrange.

The ribbon cutting, which was held by the La-Grange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, was attended by other key community figures including Barbie Watts and Bill Hunnicutt of the Downtown LaGrange Development Authority and LaGrange City Manager Meg Kelsey.

“We are so excited to have you guys in downtown LaGrange,” Hunnicutt said before the cutting of the ribbon Friday. “This is exactly what we want downtown, a friendly retail spot.”

Hunnicutt then provided a brief history of the former Davis Pharmacy building in which Ressa’s is now located.

“This building, for most of you who don’t know, it was coming down,” he said. “We’re so thankful Leon’s on the project and brought this building back to historic LaGrange.”

Leon Moody of Principle Construction further elaborated on the building’s history and condition in a grand tour following the ribbon cutting ceremony. Built in 1875, the former Davis Pharmacy building is the oldest in downtown LaGrange.

“About three years ago, this wall fell off into the street,” he said to a crowd gathered upstairs above the boutique. Since then, the wall has been rebuilt and reinforced to improve its structural integrity. Principle Construction is still renovating the upstairs portion of the building, he explained, and will be looking for a tenant once construction is complete.

Renovation has been a lengthy process, as Principle Construction has worked to restore and renovate the building in a way that’s both safe and not damaging to surrounding buildings and architecture.

Moody also emphasized that those wishing to access the upstairs space will do so through a side entrance to the building so that individuals need not pass through Ressa’s Unique Boutique. Those wishing to shop at Ressa’s may do so by entering the building through the main entrance facing Lafayette Square.

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