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DASH Holds Open House on 506 Everett Street Property

DASH Holds Open House on  506 Everett Street Property

From its modern kitchen to its elegantly-designed bedrooms, 506 Everett Street was designed to dazzle.

And dazzle it did.

With interior design work done by Oliver F. Carballo, DASH’s latest property boasts an unbeatable modern home feel down to the last detail—from the books on the shelves to the pillows on the bed.

Attendees to Thursday’s open house event were shocked to learn that the eye-popping design was done on a budget; more specifically, 95% of the items used to decorate the house came from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The property, built by Wright Homebuilders through cooperation with DASH LaGrange, reimagines secondhand design by using restore items to wonderful effect. Additional décor in the house comes from Tournesol & Southern Accents.

Interim Executive Director Nate Crawford and Marketing and Community Outreach Manager Gina Snider of DASH noted that the final cost of the house is unknown pending appraisal. According to DASH, the

three-bedroom, two-bathroom home “boasts designer colors … spray foam insulation, Energy Starappliances and faucets, and LED lighting for energy efficiency.” It also enjoys a prime location just minutes from downtown LaGrange and other local favorites.

The Department of Community Affairs provided funding for the 506 Everett Street property, said Snider. Work on the home has been conducted throughout the year to build and design the property.

The home’s construction and design speak to DASH’s mission of providing affordable housing. By highlighting the ability to design affordable and eye-catching homes with restore goods, the property reminds the community of quality, affordable resources available.

Speaking of the home’s interior design, Snider noted that those looking to purchase the house will have the option to buy it furnished should they so choose.

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