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Shane Frailey Sworn In for Second Term as Troup County Tax Commissioner

Shane Frailey Sworn In for Second Term as Troup County Tax Commissioner

Jared Boggs


On Monday, December 21, family, friends, and coworkers gathered at the Troup County government building to witness Tax Commissioner Shane Frailey be sworn in for a second term by Judge Markette Baker.

“Everybody in here is special to me,” said Frailey, addressing a small crowd of friends and coworkers who made special arrangements to attend the ceremony. Those in attendance wore masks and adhered to the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines. “I just thank everybody for coming.”

Frailey had special words of gratitude for his team from the Tax Commissioner’s Office.

“I want to thank all these ladies,” he said. “I wouldn’t be here without them. They’re really wonderful, so thank y’all.”

Baker also took time to thank those in attendance.

“Thank y’all for taking time to be here today,” she said. “I know Shane said it would mean a whole lot to him if his whole office came in.”

It was an intimate ceremony for Frailey who was joined by his mother Bobbie and his wife Kelly. The experience was made even more memorable as Frailey was sworn in by his longtime friend using his grandmother’s Bible from the 1950s.

“Shane and I go so far back it is hard to remember when I might not have known Shane,” said Baker. “This is an extraordinary privilege for me to be able to swear in Shane Frailey for his second term as tax commissioner,” Frailey felt the same, noting that he and Baker had become close friends after working together daily for over fifteen years.

“There was no other choice to swear me in for my second term,” he said. “Thank you.”

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