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Tennis Tenacity Comes with the Territory for the Scarboroughs

Tennis Tenacity Comes with the Territory for the Scarboroughs

Chris Fernsler

Sports Editor

She was back in her element, and that included with a tennis racket in her hand. Is there a better way to go?

Julie Scarborough was on her toes and in her game mode. She and her family spent Sunday afternoon backhanding, forehanding and playing tennis with a hop, a skip and a couple of jumps.

And why not?

The family played for fun and for the tennis points. The Scarboroughs played to win, too, at the McCluskey Tennis Complex.

“This is an outdoor activity. We like playing together, and this is character building. Tennis teaches you how to win and lose,” said Julie Scarborough of LaGrange.

Also getting in on the action was her almost-teenaged daughter, Charlie Scarborough. She hit some tennis winners and some overhead shots.

“I’m learning about sportsmanship. You are on your own (out here),” said Charlie Scarborough.

Her tennis mom and her real mother (one and the same) likes what the game of tennis is doing for her two children, including eight-year-old Ren Scarborough.

“We are learning about teamwork. We’re teaching some techniques and how to play the game. Tennis takes practice,” said Julie Scarborough.

There is always a winning team and a losing team, but lessons will be learned on the court.

“We are a real competitive (family),” said the tennis-playing mom.

As for the father of this high-energy tennis team, Brannen Scarborough can plainly see what the weekend tennis matches are doing for his family.

“We are spending quality time together. We’re having fun, and tennis is giving us (a sense of) honesty and integrity,” said Brannen Scarborough.

The former LaGrange High tennis player thinks the games are bringing his family closer together, too. Mom, dad and the kids are also firming up in a tennis kind of way.

“We are keeping in shape. We’re enjoying the family time. And we are playing (tennis) about four days a week,” said Brannen Scarborough.

And the family will be back on the court later this week. The Scarboroughs never get enough of the rallies, the games and the forehand sizzlers.

They will return to the McCluskey Tennis Complex, and a basket full of balls will be ready. Game on for the tennis-playing Scarboroughs.

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