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Governor Kemp Provides Update on COVID Vaccine Distribution, Mayor Thornton Urges Residents to Follow COVID Protocols

Governor Kemp Provides Update on COVID Vaccine Distribution,  Mayor Thornton Urges Residents to  Follow COVID Protocols

Jared Boggs


On Friday, Governor Brian Kemp provided an update on the current COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the state of Georgia. The update comes just two days after LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton urged residents to practice COVID-19 safety precautions as cases continue to spike in Georgia.

During his Friday presser, Kemp said the state currently has the ability to administer 11,428 COVID vaccines daily, with nearly 25% of the vaccines shipped to the state already distributed. The Governor also noted that the state will soon expand Phase 1A vaccinations to include those who are 65 and over and urged qualifying Georgia residents to stay up-to-date with the Georgia Department of Health website to find more information about vaccine availability in their areas.

Kemp doubled down on urging Georgians to remain safe while the vaccine is being administered—a sentiment also expressed in a Facebook statement from Mayor Thornton.

“The COVID-19 crisis in Georgia is worsening and fast approaching a catastrophic level,” Thornton cautioned. “Cases and hospitalizations are increasing beyond available resources, and with the positive tests continuing to climb, many hospitals across the state have little to no ICU bed capacity.”

Thornton attributed the rise, at least in part, to recent holiday gatherings before urging residents to continue following safety protocols.

“The wearing of face masks or coverings whenever outside the home, the regular washing of hands and use of hand sanitizer, and the maintenance of a six-foot social distance are the most effective methods we have for slowing the spread of the virus,” he continued.

Thornton also encouraged residents to get vaccinated when possible.

“Vaccines against COVID-19 are starting to be available and although their availability at this point is limited, over the next few months they should become more readily available,” he wrote. “It is essential that people receive vaccination as a way to help limit the spread of COVID-19.”

Those wishing for COVID-19 vaccine updates may sign up for alerts from the Department of Health at district4health. org/ serv ices/communityhealth/covid-19/.

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