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In Honor of James Marion Carson

Mr. Carson was one of the first individuals to visit me in the Probate Court office when I was elected in 2000. He was one of the nicest men I ever knew. Mr. Carson was a patriot and enjoyed serving the people of Troup County. He served in the Army, worked for the United States Postal Service for 30 years before retiring, served as a bailiff for many years, and was a poll manager for about 20 years. Mr. Carson taught Sunday school at Harmony United Methodist Church for over 50 years. Mr. Carson served as a mason at the Long Cane Masonic Lodge for 64 years.

One of my fondest memories of Mr. Carson happened in 2001. This was the year after the “hanging chads” in the Florida Presidential election between Bush & Gore. This was the year Georgia went to the new voting machines. I had several poll workers resign because they were afraid of the new machines.

Mr. Carson was the poll manager at the Troup High School location. He attended all the trainings and was ready to show all of us younger folks how these new machines were going to work.

Amy Hyatt was my elections assistant, and during the first election with the new machines, Mr. Carson was closing down the precinct and placed the supervisor’s card in the slot above where it was supposed to go, and it fell into the inner-workings of the machine and could not be retrieved. Mr. Carson called Amy to tell her what happened, and he said, “It’s gone, Miss Amy, it’s gone!”

We were able to get the information needed with another programmed card from the election room, and everything turned out well. I could pick up the machine and shake it and hear the card but could not get it out. We always picked at Mr. Carson about what happened, and every time I saw him, I would think, “It’s gone, Miss Amy, it’s gone!”

About two years after that, I was getting the machines ready for an election, and when I set a machine on the table, a card fell out. I went to the Probate office and showed Amy the card and said look what I found, and we all had a good laugh.

Mr. Carson was always a true Southern gentleman in everything he did, and he will be missed. I say this with the greatest respect, “he’s gone, Miss Amy, he is gone.” We will see you again, Mr. Carson. Rest in Peace.

God bless! J


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