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Five-Year-Old Opens Business: Glossy Treatz a Sensational Success

Five-Year-Old Opens Business: Glossy Treatz a Sensational Success


Jared Boggs


Se’miya Black isn’t your typical five-year-old. In addition to attending classes at Ethel Kight Elementary School—where she just started pre-K— Se’miya can often be found at birthday parties and pop up shops promoting her new business Glossy Treatz. Since its inception, Glossy Treatz has become a hit with those looking for children’s lip gloss, bags, bracelets, and charms—and the work is keeping Se’miya busy.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

According to Se’miya’s mother Tisha Black, Glossy Treatz represents the Pre-K’er’s dream of working in fashion and makeup. It’s a dream that Black is determined to make happen for her daughter. With Black’s assistance, Se’miya has managed to expand her audience by having her own stand by Claire’s at the Columbus Mall.

There, Se’miya sells a variety of items.

“I sell lip gloss, baskets, charm bracelets, and some little bracelets,” she said.

Her favorite? Among her products, it’s hard to choose just one.

“I like the baskets, the lip gloss, and the candy,” she said with infectious enthusiasm. “I have different colors and kinds of lip gloss. I’ve got pencil, popsicle, candy, and the regular lip gloss.”

Her skyrocketing popularity has made Se’miya a local favorite, with the five-year-old bringing Glossy Treatz to five birthday parties already. For those who know Se’miya, her spirited personality and avid determination come as no surprise.

Indeed, according to Black, Se’miya is known for unintentionally stealing the spotlight and becoming the center of attention— no matter what room she’s in. It’s this charm that has helped propel Se’miya’s success— and that helped catch her mother’s attention.

“People say that when your child is the center of attention in any room they’re in, they have something to offer and you should listen,” she said. Black has certainly taken that advice, as she’s worked beside her daughter to develop Glossy Treatz’s success.

For Se’miya, the sky is the limit. With additional pop-up shops and events scheduled for 2021, the five-year-old entrepreneur looks poised to win the favor—and the hearts—of even more customers.

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