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Enjoying This Early Spring Time of Year

Enjoying This Early Spring Time of Year

Andrew A. Cox

The last couple of weeks have been a welcome relief from the cold, wet winter weather.  Though we will likely experience some continuing cold weather as spring progresses, these days remind us of what is in front of us.  Other than possibly October and the first of November, the months of March and April are some of the best months of the year for outdoor activities in the South.

The spring like weather certainly has resulted in some good fishing on area waters.  If you can pick your days and be on the water at the right time of day, the angler can experience some good to excellent fishing.  Anglers have been catching hybrids and crappie.  Some anglers have been catching largemouth and spotted bass.

Now is a good time to be on the water and to introduce a young person to the joys of fishing.  I recently took my grandson and his friend to Lake Harding/Bartlett’s Ferry reservoir, just south of LaGrange, straddling the Georgia and Alabama state line.  We got onto the water later in the day but apparently the warm afternoon sun had warmed the water sufficiently for the largemouth and spotted bass to come into the shallows along the lake’s banks.  These fish were particularly located along banks that had riprap, rocks, or concrete along the shoreline, though they also could be found elsewhere within the lake’s shallows.

The young people seemed to enjoy their fishing experience, catching a number of fish located in some of my favorite fishing areas on this reservoir.  This trip certainly provided some nice pictures to post into my Facebook account as well as to include within this article.

Hopefully you can take time to enjoy this time of year on the water.  Maybe you can make time to introduce a young person to angling.  This is the time of year that anglers can catch large fish; in some cases the fish of a lifetime.  Young people can experience catching numbers of fish and larger fish that may whet their appetite for fishing during those times of the year where catching fish can be more sporadic.  Stay safe and enjoy our area’s angling resources.

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