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Rific is Ripped, Ready and Rolling From Her Kayak

Rific is Ripped, Ready and Rolling From Her Kayak

Chris Fernsler

Sports Editor

One way or the other, Andie Rific is going to get up to speed.

She insists, from the middle seat on her kayak. Actually, there is only one option for sitting in her 12-foot, 76-pound vessel of the lightweight kind.

Rific is all about kayaking and the benefits from it. The former Miami resident and the current Atlanta girl was stressing, straining and keeping her kayak floating and gliding down West Point Lake last Sunday.

“You can feel the water move, and you can see everything (from down low),” said Rific.

She was down where the spotted bass were. But Rific was not fishing last weekend. She was mingling with the wildlife and the 25 MPH wind.

“I like to be on the water. I’m enjoying this nice weather. Kayaking is a chance to get close to nature,” said Rific.

She had a kayaking companion and coach just a few feet away in another 12-foot boat. It was another kayak.

“We’re burning calories. Kayaking is something we just want to do,” said Mike, who declined to give his last name.

Rific and Mike, the shy kayaker, kept their semi-rapid pace and caught some sunshine on the lake. They did some daydreaming, and they tightened their muscles with each stroke of the double-bladed paddles.

“You need some decent arm strength (for this), but we like the exploring,” said Rific, who kayaked for three to four hours with her friend.

Andie Rific also enjoys something else with each kayaking workout.

“We always see a lot of turtles and deer (out there),” said Rific.

She is keeping fit, trim and well tanned from that middle seat on her kayak, too. That is the only way to bask in the glory of West Point Lake on a sun-baked Sunday afternoon.

Rific is doubly sure about that.

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