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Juvenile Charged with Obstruction for Dirt Bike Incident

Juvenile Charged with Obstruction  for Dirt Bike Incident

Tommy Murphy

Stau Writer

LaGrange Police have

charged a juvenile with sev-

eral ouenses as part of the

department’s attempt to rid the streets of illegal dirt bike riding.

Saturday night, about 8:30 p.m., ovcers from the La Grange Police Department observed a subject illegally riding a dirt bike in the roadway in the 800 block of Forrest Avenue.

When ovcers went after

the rider, the operator of the dirt bike laid the bike down

and fled from police on foot,

but they were later apprehended.

An unnamed juvenile was

identified as the operator

of the dirt bike, who was charged with Obstruction of

Ovcers, No Helmet Viola – tion, Violation of City Ou-Road Vehicle Ordinance, and No Insurance.

The juvenile was cited for the ouenses and the dirt bike

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charged an adult during a similar incident on Aug. 25 Juvenile Charged with Obstruction for Dirt Bike

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minimum of $150 to get the vehicle back, which does

not include storage fees.

The LaGrange Police Department is currently cracking down on people illegally operating ou road vehicles

within the streets of La-Grange. Not only are these riders a nuisance to other legal drivers, they are dan – gerous to both themselves

and others.

Police have received nu merous complaints from citizens about people riding dirt bikes lawlessly through the streets of LaGrange, frequently in groups. These riders often drive reckless ly through intersections,

popping wheelies, and even

taunting police to chase them.

Police say these dirt bike riders are usually adults and

are believed to often come

from outside LaGrange, but

are sometimes juveniles, as

with this incident.

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