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Tigers are Having a Mean, Physical Football Spring

Tigers are Having a Mean, Physical Football Spring

Tiger junior quarterback Taeo Todd scampers through a hole in the spread option offense in a spring football practice on Wednesday afternoon. Todd did score.

Chris Fernsler

Sports Editor

By Troup High football standards, Braden Smith is a hulking, huge offensive lineman.

He is the kind of offensive tackle that opens holes, inflicts pain and laughs about it afterwards. The 6-foot-3, 311-pound Smith takes numbers and gets even.

Smith is getting better this spring, too.

“We’re playing at a quick pace. We’re working hard. We have a lot of talent and a lot of leaders,” said Smith, the upcoming junior for the Troup High football team.

The Tigers are winding down 10 days of spring drills, and they have made some off season progress out in the blazing, hot sun.

“We’ve been scrimmaging and working on our brotherhood. This is our preseason,” said Jayce Haywood, the 6-foot, 193-pound sophomore tight end and fullback for Troup High.

The Tigers, Haywood included, have been going full speed, from the indoor practice facility, to the outdoor workout field.

“It’s good to get out on the grass again. We’re getting physical and tough. Our tempo is good. We’ve got some guys hitting people,” said Troup High head football coach Tanner Glisson.

There are no less than 80 players, per spring workout, for the Tigers. Taking it all in is Troup High’s new offensive coordinator, Kyle Wilson.

He is fresh off a state championship season at his last football stop, Brooks County. Wilson hopes to win another title in the near future at Troup High School.

The new play caller likes what he sees on the practice field, too, with the Tigers.

“Troup is a sleeping giant. We’ve got some dudes. We are going to have a fastpaced offense. It is still a process. We’re working on fundamentals,” said Wilson, the Florida State graduate.

The spread option offense is here. Junior quarterback Taeo Todd is getting a spring sampling of the newlook offense for Troup High School.

“We’re playing wide open. We’re seeing the field. I’m reading the ends and throwing the passes. I think we’re going to have a good team,” said Todd.

The Tigers will cap off the spring drills with a scrimmage against the Newnan Cougars on Friday night in Newnan. The game will kick off at 7 p.m.

Tigers new offensive coordinator Kyle Wilson expects some touchdowns and loads of first downs for the Troup High attack.

“We have athletes. We have weapons, and the kids are smart. We can run the quick screens. We can go deep. I want to see execution and effort,” said Wilson.

A spring football win on the road is expected, too, for the Tigers.

“We have three good running backs, and Qua Moss can make plays (at wide receiver),” said Wilson.

He is grasping the Troup High roster a little bit better with each workout. Kyle Wilson is a Tiger now.

Troup High gets fast and physical in a spring football workout on Wednesday. The Tigers practiced for an hour and a half on a 90-degree afternoon.

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