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Lady Grangers Bring a Winning Attitude to Softball Field

Lady Grangers Bring a Winning Attitude to Softball Field
The Lady Grangers have been playing some basically good softball at the tryouts at LaGrange High School. Twenty-six players tried out for the team.

Chris Fernsler

Sports Editor

Hudson Wood is typical of the LaGrange High girls.

Softball season can’t get here soon enough for Wood, the sophomore right fielder, for the Lady Grangers. On the last day before summer break, Hudson was on the field and taking some fly balls.

She was also taking a few swings in the batter’s box. Hudson zinged a few, missed a few and kept on working her batting stroke.

“I’m looking for maximum effort. We take pride in our (softball) culture. You need a good attitude,” said Wood.

She was one of 26 girls, who’ve been trying out for the Lady Grangers, in three recent days under the cloudy skies and in the muggy atmosphere.

“We’ve been out here for two and a half hours today,” Wood said on Wednesday afternoon.

It was time well spent for the LaGrange High girls, too. They all are trying to make the cut and impress new LaGrange High head softball coach Craig Mobley.

He is optimistic. Mobley might pick as many as two dozen girls to play in the Lady Granger softball program.

“We have some athletic girls. I’m looking for effort, attitude and character. The future looks bright (for La- Grange High softball),” said Mobley.

And winning is the object every day on the softball diamond for the Lady Grangers.

In the previous six years under the expert guidance of coach Gabby Heath, La-Grange High girls softball won 103 games, including a 41-22 region record.

Heath led the Lady Grangers to five state playoff appearances, with a Final Four nod included in 2020 in Columbus.

The former LaGrange High head coach had three 20-win seasons with LHS. The Lady Grangers hope to get back to that level with new head coach Craig Mobley.

That is the softball target for the LaGrange High girls.

“We’re taking BP (batting practice), and we’re working the field. We’re working hard, and our coaches are pushing us,” said Lady Granger senior center fielder and pitcher Kaylee Bryant.

One more player who expects to make the cut and make some plays is LaGrange High senior outfielder Kaimarie Turner.

“I like to practice, and I’m getting confident,” said the 5-foot-7 Turner.

The softball tryouts continued, and Kaimarie Turner kept on swinging and running out the ground balls.

That is expected, at the very least, in the Lady Granger softball program as LHS begins the Craig Mobley era.

The Lady Grangers have high hopes, too, and that includes the Class AAAA State Tournament next fall.

LaGrange High softball plans on building onto what Gabby Heath left behind, which is an endless work ethic and ironclad softball skills.

“I am honored to coach this team,” said Mobley, the new Lady Grangers head softball guru.

There was a sign of teamwork at the LaGrange High girls softball tryouts on Wednesday afternoon. The Lady Grangers practiced for almost three hours.


LaGrange High expects to have another highly competitive girls fast pitch softball team next season. Craig Mobley is the new LHS head coach.

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