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Early-Morning Surprise: Guion Hooks 30-Pound Gar

Early-Morning Surprise:  Guion Hooks 30-Pound Gar
The striped bass were biting, as Mike Rodick and Travis Guion discovered on Friday morning on West Point Lake. The anglers fished deep with both live and cut bait.

Leave it to Travis Guion to catch one of the oddest fish on the lake.

The out-of-town angler did just that on Friday morning on West Point Lake. Guion, who came all the way from New Hartford, Conn., got much more than he expected.

He had one of the most startling catches of the morning when he tied into a 30-pound gar, which was long, sleek and prehistoric-looking.

“He pulled like a doormat, and I kept reeling. There are no sharks (on the lake), but a lot of big gar. This is a darn good lake. This is my first time here (on West Point),” said Guion.

He baited his hook with cut bait, and caught his gar in 25 feet of water. The water temperature was 88 degrees, good enough to fish in or bathe in.

Guion chose fishing on Friday.

“The lake has some good scenery and good people,” said Guion, the Connecticut angler.

He and Mike Rodick of Senoia caught a boat load of fresh water fish, the West Point Lake variety. Besides some needle-nosed gar with the scissor-like teeth, Rodick and Guion also hooked up some 5-pound hybrid bass, 7-pound stripers and 1-pound white bass.

They caught some 3-pound catfish, too, with live bait in the deep water. Guion and Rodick, who are fishing friends, got all the catches that they could possibly hope for.

“The weather was perfect (no raindrops), and we were on the fish early. Todd (Pursley) knew how the fish were acting and migrating,” said Rodick.

With the advice of Pursley, the fishing guide from Newnan, Guion and Rodick caught 70 fish, including two fresh water gar.

Catching fish of all kinds is a certainty with Pursley on the boat.

“I’ve been a guide for 20 years. This is what I know to do. I fish three days a week, and this (West Point) is a good lake,” said Todd Pursley, who very nearly has a fish finder in his head.

And as Travis Guion reminded everyone, included the 7-pound striped bass, “It’s great when you have all your fish cleaned by 11 o’clock in the morning.”

As for the 30-pound gar, he was released on the lake. Guion let the fish count his blessings on a weekday morning.

The gar got an early-morning snack and his freedom. It doesn’t get much better than that for the fish and the angler, as Guion promises.

West Point Lake was everything that the fisherman had hoped for.

“This was relaxing,” said Guion.


Early-Morning Surprise:  Guion Hooks 30-Pound Gar
Todd Pursley cleans some more fresh water fish on Friday morning at Highland Pines Resort & Marina. Pursley’s fishing party caught 70 stripers, hybrid bass, white bass, gar and catfish.

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