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All-Girls Soccer Camp Promotes Ownership, Teamwork

All-Girls Soccer Camp Promotes Ownership, Teamwork
The young players acquired some new ball skills in the 6th Annual LaGrange Girls Soccer Camp. The five-day camp ended with a bang on Friday morning at the Chris Joseph Sportsplex.

Five days of bumping, mashing and defending the green turf just wasn’t enough for Evelyn Johnson.

She enjoyed every tantalizing tastebud and drill in the LaGrange Girls Soccer Camp last week. Johnson was sad to see the camp came to a close on Friday morning, too, at the Chris Joseph Sportsplex.

As Johnson found out, too much of a good thing is never enough. Johnson is a soccer fanatic.

“I’ve played one season (of league ball), and I like the teamwork. I like dribbling and competing,” said Johnson, the 11-year-old soccer diehard.

Soon after the sunrise on a daily basis, Johnson was in uniform and was ready to kick some soccer butt in the all-girls camp. Everyone came to play and to learn.

“I liked the 3-on-3 games. I learned about teamwork and passing,” said Johnson.

Rose Ceja, the rock-hard midfielder, was uncompromising on the camp field, too. She swallowed some soccer turf, along with the fundamentals.

Ceja is 10 years old and is turned on to her favorite sporting pastime, which is all-out soccer of the hip-hugging kind.

She is a camp girl, who embraced the all-female approach to the game. Girls will be girls and forever in the camp setting.

“We were out there staying positive and getting in shape. I made some new friends, and I felt good whether I won or lost (that day),” said Ceja.

She found a way to win a lot.

“The camp was intense, and it was fun. I liked the tackling,” said Ceja. “If you can do it, you will do it.”

Cami Whitley, all in, all week long, knocked down a few girls and helped them up. Whitley was a soccer camper with an edge, as well as an understanding of sportsmanship on the squeaky soccer grass.

Whitley is a fifth-grader and a 10 year old. She is also a soccer player with a materializing game.

She knows how to keep the ball from getting past her and into the net.

“I’m a defender, and I’ve been playing (soccer) since I was five. I like kicking and shooting. I’m a 50-percenter,” said Whitley.

She is out there to play hard and get physical.

“The camp helped me get better,” said Whitley.

She was one of 60 girls in the soccer camp. They all came with a good attitude, and they left with sweaty foreheads and a cup of shaved ice.

The ages of the players varied from four to 14.

“We tried to develop leadership. We worked on techniques and ball control. The girls were passing and moving. The camp had an impact (on the girls),” said Andy Fritchley, the director of the all-girls soccer camp.

Each drill during the five days of instruction led all the totally-perspired faces to the same place. The girls got 15 hours of game time on the field during the week.

“They learned some (new) skills and positioning (on the soccer pitch),” said Fritchley, who was an elite soccer player during his youth in Gainesville, Ga.

All-Girls Soccer Camp Promotes Ownership, Teamwork
Some patient and talented players got a kick out of the Annual LaGrange Girls Soccer Camp last week at the Chris Joseph Sportsplex. The players ages ranged from four to 14 years old.
All-Girls Soccer Camp Promotes Ownership, Teamwork
The crafty players kept the ball moving in the LaGrange Girls Soccer Camp on Friday morning. There were 60 girls who were totally involved in the camp, which featured agility and fundamentals.



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