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West Trolls for 8-Pound Striped Bass

West Trolls for 8-Pound Striped Bass
The bream fishing was excellent, even while using a tree branch as a fishing pole, on Wednesday night on Yellow Jacket Creek. The anglers were catching bream with live bait in three feet of water.

On a hunch and on I-85, Brandon West found his way to LaGrange.

It has happened countless times before. West always has an appetite for bass fishing on West Point Lake.

The man from Sharpsburg has been fishing and releasing bass on the lake for decades, ever since he was a middle schooler.

West is no longer in school. He’s a bit older now with a beard and still a boyish fascination with hooking bass on his lake of choice.

“I just pay close attention, and I fish hard. There are some good-sized fish in here (on West Point Lake). I just enjoy it, and I’ve been fishing a long time,” said West.

He and his son Wyatt, a 14 year old, gave the lake another try on a recent overcast day. It paid dividends, too, with some rain-splattered fish. The father-and-son pushed the needles and the bait for a total of 25 catches, with hybrids and striped bass on the menu.

“We were trolling with crankbait and jigs. The fish were busting on top (of the water). We fished from one to 10 feet (deep),” said Brandon West.

He and his tag team fishing partner caught stripers as big as eight pounds. They also hooked and boated some three-pound hybrid bass.

“We tied on the hooks, and we enjoyed the catching,” said Wyatt West.

The Wednesday night fishing was totally engaged, too, for two Atlanta anglers, including Keith Phaynith.

They reeled in 12 bream, a half-pound and less, in just 45 minutes. The anglers were fishing with live worms and minnows in three feet of water at Sunny Point Park on Yellow Jacket Creek.

“We’re going to take the bream over to the dam and try to catch some stripers. It’s a beautiful day (for fishing), and it’s relaxing. I come here two or three times a week,” said Phaynith.

He and the other fishing pal were intent on catching some man-sized stripers, too, later in the evening.

“We know where they are. We’re going to be patient, and we’re going to have some (fishing) fun,” said Phaynith’s friend from Metro Atlanta.

West Trolls for 8-Pound Striped Bass
Cricket, the water-craving Labrador retriever, soaks up the evening atmosphere with Brandon West on Wednesday at Sunny Point Park.
West Trolls for 8-Pound Striped Bass
Teenager Wyatt West was splashing and dashing on his jet ski on Wednesday night on Yellow Jacket Creek. West is 14 years old.


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