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Repeat Shoplifter Earns Felony Theft Charge

LaGrange Police have charged a woman with felony theft for allegedly taking jewelry and clothing from the mall.

Saturday evening, about 6:21p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were called to the Belk department store in the La-Grange Mall on Lafayette Parkway in reference to reports of shoplifting in progress.

Police were told that a woman with a black handbag had concealed several pieces of store merchandise including a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sandals and a pair of denim jeans.

When officers arrived, Loss Prevention was following and attempting to stop the suspect as she walked away and entered a tan Buick sedan with an Alabama tag, and began driving away.

Loss Prevention pointed her out as she attempted to flee the scene, so a traffic stop was conducted in the parking lot.

The suspect, later identified as Pamela Denise May was found with a black handbag stuffed with Belk merchandise.

Police say that after May was stopped she began begging to not be arrested, stating she would pay for the items. May was then taken into custody and returned to the store to evaluate the merchandise that had been taken.

Officers later discovered, in addition to the aforementioned items, six pieces of Belk jewelry, and a second pair of denim pants had been taken for an estimated total theft of $150.

The incident was caught on store security video, which was provided to police.

Police say that during the investigation, May she apologized for the theft and continually asked that she be let go free.

Officers later confirmed that May was a repeat offender with at least three prior convictions of Theft by Shoplifting, meaning this incident would be a felony.

As a result of the investigation, May, age 58, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Felony Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500 (Fourth Conviction).

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