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Waddell and Gumby Reel in Peace, Serenity, Bass

Waddell and Gumby Reel in Peace, Serenity, Bass
There is never a bad time to go fishing on West Point Lake. Chris Gumby and Adam Waddell caught three largemouth bass and catfish on Friday.

All that it took was hooks, lines and Rat-L-Trap lures.

Adam Waddell and Chris Gumby made the right choices, and they caught some starving fish. The largemouth bass and catfish were fed breakfast alright on West Point Lake.

“We caught some eating-sized fish. We got them on the back (end of the lake). We were trying for bass. We landed them and got them,” said Gumby, the morning fisherman on the lake.

He and Waddell hooked all three of their fish in 10 feet of water with their Rat-L-Trap lures on Friday morning. The catches were two-pounders, give or take an ounce.

“We took our time. We showed some patience. It was hot and sunny, and we threw all of our fish back,” said Waddell, the freshwater fisherman from Peachtree City.

Gumby and Waddell were fishing from a small aluminum boat named Hinkle’s Haven.

“We found some peace and serenity (out there). This is a pretty lake,” said Waddell.

Betty Noce and Tom Fetchet of Sharpsburg had lunch without the indigestion on the lake, too, on Friday.

They savored every wave and each bite of their sandwiches, without the cole slaw.

“We like coming out here during the week. We’re retired. The lake is calm and beautiful. I like the sunshine,” said Noce.

That wasn’t all she liked either on Friday afternoon.

“I liked the (boat) ride, and we saw some people fishing,” said Noce.

The largemouth bass are starting to bite once again. Bass are being caught on West Point Lake and Yellow Jacket Creek.

Chris Gumby of Newnan and Adam Waddell have found that out with their artificial lures.

Chris Fernsler
Sports Editor

Waddell and Gumby Reel in Peace, Serenity, Bass
A little manpower was needed, and Adam Waddell provided it on a muggy morning on West Point Lake. Waddell is a hearty angler from Peachtree City.
Waddell and Gumby Reel in Peace, Serenity, Bass
There was time to think and contemplate for Adam Waddell while using his cell phone on Friday morning at Pyne Road Park.

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