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DASH Welcomes Scholar from LaGrange College’s Wilkinson Family Servant Scholars Program

DASH Welcomes Scholar from LaGrange College’s Wilkinson Family Servant Scholars Program

On Tuesday, DASH announced their involvement with the Wilkinson Family Scholars Program. DASH will be working with LaGrange College student Natalie Tyler who chose DASH as her service site.

“DASH is excited to be a part of the [program] this year,” DASH Marketing and Community Outreach Manager Gina Snider said Tuesday.  “We are so excited to have this student as part of our staff.”

Snider noted that Tyler’s heart is in the right place, saying that she “wants to make a difference in our community and to learn about what we do here at DASH.”

“The youth are so enthusiastic, and it will be great to have that kind of positive energy in the office to help us with neighborhood revitalization,” she added.

Natalie Tyler is a junior from Cairo, GA who is currently involved with the Wilkinson Family Servant Scholars Program at LaGrange College. She is working toward a degree in Sociology, with minors in Spanish, Sustainability, and Servant Leadership. In her free time, Natalie enjoys solving sudoku puzzles and playing with her dog.

“I chose DASH as my service site because I admire the efforts of revitalizing not just a neighborhood but a community as well. With the appearance of COVID-19, I think these endeavors are even more important, and I look forward to supporting these efforts throughout my time here.”

Information about DASH: DASH strives to continue being the catalyst for neighborhood revitalization and providing sustainable housing. To see what DASH is all about visit  or follow DASH on Twitter @Dashlagrange or like them on Facebook and Instagram.

For the latest details about this year’s upcoming event, contact DASH at 706-298-0221 or email them at [email protected]

Information about the Scholars Program:

The Wilkinson Family Servant Scholars Program prepares the next generation of servant-leaders by linking the college’s brightest students with community leaders and mentors so they can study local needs—and decide how to best meet them. The group lives in the newly renovated Broad Street Apartments, located midway between campus and the downtown square, the perfect home to link campus and community with scholarly service.

Each year, 12 juniors are chosen to start their two-year journey in the groundbreaking program. While living as a community, each student is engaged in active learning and service through individual internships at local nonprofit agencies.

Servant Scholar graduates have moved on to impressive master’s and doctoral programs that will launch careers of influence—spreading the impact and philosophy of servant-leadership across the nation and world.

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