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Police & Sheriff’s Reports 02-14-2021

  • Thursday afternoon, about 4:03 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to Lafayette Parkway in reference to reports of a case of robbery by snatch.

Officers arrived and spoke with the female complainant, who stated that two black men, who she was familiar with, approached her and asked to use her phone. She stated she knew one of the subjects “from the streets” and advised that he had borrowed her phone a few times prior to the incident.

After using her phone for about 45 minutes, the subject threw the phone on a bed near where the victim was seated, and the other subject her leaned over to grab the phone. The male who had been using the phone then reportedly punched the victim in the head, grabbed her purse, and fled the location with the other male.

The victim described her purse as a small black handbag with snakeskin on the bottom. The purse reportedly contained the victim’s driver’s license, social security card, debit card, an undisclosed amount of cash, and other personal items.

Officers were able to review security video that showed two males enter the victim’s room and later run out toward the parking lot.

Police say the victim did not have any visible injuries from the incident.

Police later learned that the debit card stolen during the incident had been used at the Bay Food Mart Hamilton Street. Officers were later able to locate the receipt for the transaction and reviewed security video that showed a black female come into the store and attempt to use the card to pay for items around 10:17 p.m.

Police say the female was followed into the store by a black male wearing a full ski mask, and they remained in the store for several minutes playing the slot machines together before leaving together.

This incident is still under investigation.

  • Thursday afternoon, about 1:27 p.m., LaGrange Police responded Harwell Avenue in reference to a theft.

Officers arrived and spoke with the complainant, who stated that someone had stolen necklaces belonging to her.

The complainant explained that she had two 24-carat gold necklaces in her bedroom in a jewelry box, which she last wore in January or February of 2020. She advised that she did not know when the necklaces came up missing, but she previously had a male at her home helping her son with yard work that may have taken them.

When she told her son about the necklaces, he informed her that he had taken the subject to Pawn Express to pawn some jewelry that he supposedly got from his girlfriend back when he was helping with yard work.

The victim advised she is unsure of who may have took the necklaces and has already asked her daughter and granddaughter about them possibly borrowing the items, but they told her that they did not have it.

The necklaces were valued at a total of $575.

Police later relocated to Pawn Express and confirmed the male in question had not pawned any jewelry at the location.

This incident is still under investigation.

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